Capacity Building

Training Need Analysis

Training Need Analysis (TNA) is a systematic process of identifying and understanding training requirements its employees in order to improve performance. It involves a complete analysis of training needs required at various levels of the organization. It is an in-depth review of learning and development for employees within an organization. With proper training and development, the productivity of employees increases manifold in an organization.

TNA seeks to identify the gap between the current and desired performance of the employee and endeavor to reduce, if not eliminate, the gap, by equipping the employees with knowledge and skills and by encouraging them to build and enhance their capabilities.

The theoretical and empirical advancements in economics, emerging jurisprudence, various practices adopted by competition agencies worldwide, rapid technological changes, and innovation in goods and service sectors in a market economy lead to development of new forms of organization and markets and pose challenges to the competition regulator. For the above-mentioned reasons, continuous training and capacity building activities anti-trust administrators have become indispensable for a market regulator like CCI.

TNA allows CCI to take a proactive approach while designing and selecting the various capacity building initiatives for the employees of CCI. CCI has conducted various initiatives and programmes for enhancing the capacity of officers. TNA here plays an important role by letting CCI understand the training/capacity building requirements of the officers. CCI needs to ensure the relevance of the capacity building initiative/programme before nominating officers for the same.

Considering the importance of imparting relevant training, CCI periodically conducts survey by administering questionnaires to divisions and professional officers seeking responses/feedback from them to ascertain latest emerging training needs of divisions as well as individual officers. Based on analysis of the feedback received, CCI designs and conducts relevant training programme for the Division/Officers to meet their skill and training requirements to ultimately achieve the goals and objectives set by CCI.