Capacity Building

Capacity Building Measure

Subject Matter Trainings & Workshops

The officers of CCI are from different background such as law, economics, finance, management or other disciplines. CCI conducts various in-house inter-disciplinary training/workshops focusing on particular streams such as Concepts of Basic Economics, Use of Basic Economics for Competition Law, Basic Legal/Financial Terminologies etc. in order to familiarise officers with the subject. CCI also conducts in-depth training focusing on specific areas like abuse of dominance, cartels, digital forensic, digital economy, big data, corporate governance and various other subjects which have relevancy with the competition law and policy. In addition to these trainings, CCI also organizes other trainings related to establishment, administration, management and IT. These trainings are conducted either in-house or in collaboration with professional training agencies/institutions like ICAI, ICSI, IICA etc. to enhance the professional competencies of the officers.

On the request of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), CCI conducts Attachment Programme for newly recruited Indian Corporate Law Services (ICLS) officer trainees.

Annual Offsite Leadership Workshop (Pratispardha Manthan)

For all-round development of its employees, CCI organizes team-building and leadership workshop every year for the officers of CCI and o/o DG, CCI. The Annual Offsite Workshop namely, Pratispardha Manthan focuses on building leadership skills, work-life balance, and team-building amongst the officers working across the hierarchies at CCI.

The workshop includes lecture/session by a subject matter expert, team-building & leadership exercises, management games and historical tour of the selected offsite location for that particular year.

The aim of Pratispardha Manthan is to give an opportunity to officers (working in separate divisions and not able to interact much) for social interaction that instills confidence, loyalty amongst employees and a sense of belongingness at organizational level.

List of Annual Offsite Leadership Workshop (Pratispardha Manthan)

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Induction Training & Orientation Programme

CCI regularly conducts Induction Training & Orientation Programme for the newly joined Officers, Experts and Young Professionals of CCI in order to give an overview of Competition Act & Policy, structure and working of the Commission, policies and procedures to be followed while working with CCI, etc. The aim of the Programme is to develop the skills and competencies of newly recruited employees to enable them to perform at an optimum level while working in CCI.

Until 2017, the induction training programme were conducted in-house. In 2018, for the first time, CCI organized a comprehensive twelve-days residential induction training programme in collaboration with Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), Manesar for the newly recruited Officers as well as Officers on deputation. A similar five-days residential programme at IICA was held in 2020 for newly recruited Experts/Young Professionals and Officers on deputation at CCI. However, owing to COVID restrictions, all programmes since March 2020 have been conducted virtually.

Induction Training Manual

For reference, during the induction training programme, an induction manual is distributed to the newly recruited Officers and Experts/Young Professionals. The Induction Training Manual is an important guide for newly recruited Officers and Experts/Young Professionals to understand the workings of CCI. The manual allows for the smooth induction of personnel in the system. This manual also provides basic knowledge regarding CCI as an organisation and its workings, and what an Officer will be doing in the institution. The manual will also help new Officers and Experts/Young Professionals settle in quickly in their new jobs. Links and references are included in the manual for a more complete understanding of the concepts and practices of competition authorities.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Session

Peer to Peer (P2P) Session is an informal platform/ initiative conceived by CCI to encourage discussion or knowledge sharing amongst professionals working in CCI. Officers or Experts/Young Professionals on voluntary basis deliver/conduct a session on any topic relevant to competition law or discuss recent developments in competition law across various jurisdictions etc. Under this session, interdivision sharing of knowledge and information takes place. It is usually organized once in every two-months.